Oh my goodness. I am so sorry that there has been such radio silence. I updated on twitter but have been so busy that – to be honest – it totally slipped my mind to update here. I know there's no excuse for that and I'm sorry I left you hanging.

A donation was made to Shelterbox for just over $8750. That is amazing, really amazing. Especially given the obstacles, especially given this was in just over two weeks. Thank you, everyone.

Letterpress cards were printed, by me, and each one of you should receive one as a thank you – blank so that you can send it out to someone or keep it for yourself. If you haven't yet, please be patient. I had to ask for some helping hands from friends because there were close to 500 cards to send out. I just couldn't do it myself and I know those who stepped in to help are also busy people. I was really overwhelmed by the project – the scope of it, the bureaucratic stumbling blocks, the amount of time it took. But I was so pleased, too, by what our hearts and hands brought together.

Thank you.

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